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August 8, 2017

 In this project, Kyushu University and Indian Institute of Technology Deli (IITD) aim to achieve secured IoT space which is organized several information of network, server and complicated IoT devices, by merging our information science & technology and electoric technology of IITD. This is not only research development, but also works out training and education to use IoT space safely for both people who provide IoT space service and who use its service.
By deviding up 6 Working Packages (WP) for this research project above, and each WP will actively advance collaborative researches. (Refer to the following graphics below) Furthemore, Indian-Japanese research representitives are assigned on every WP, therefore, they can publish research results by collaboration of Indian-Japanese research groups.

WP1: Foundations for Building Secure Embedded Systems/Binary Code Analysis

Research Group:
IITD: Sanjiv Prasad, Subodh Sharma
Kyushu Univ.: Kenji Hisazumi

WP1 organizes several requests to an IoT device dedicated framework which provides functions to be able to easily develop a secure IoT system. Furthermore, it aims to describe different requests by application and achieve developing environment prototype to configure IoT device (semi-)automatically. Under these results, language design can be done to describe different demands by application for IoT device framework. It also develops code generator to spawn program automatically operating on configured information or devices from described requests, and confirms effectiveness for language and generator through applied software developments.

WP2: Security performance/power trade-off in IoT processor

Research Group:
IITD: Smruti Ranjan Sarangi, Shouri Chatterjee
Kyushu Univ.: Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Hiroshi Inoue ,Takatsugu Ono

WP2 develops security-oriented low-consumption Energy Processor System Architecture, based on the premise that Intelligent Sensor and Edge Computing Node is on board. Considering Microprocessor and Architecture of Memory System which trade-off between safety and low-consumption energy is adjustable, it evaluates its effectiveness by hardware design and simulation.

WP3: Develop an application layer trusted framework

Research Group:
IITD: Ranjan Bose, Subodh Sharma
Kyushu Univ.: Kousuke Kaneko

WP3 develops and researches an development framework for IoT application which engineer can design safely with the consideration of security, in case of development IoT application. Convenient and high-security framework can be developed and researched about connection between devices and data sharings, especially. Furthermore, it developes application which the framework is used. By using it in the field of education and getting feedback from them, framework can be improved as needed.

WP4: IoT security and education

Research Group:
IITD: Ranjan Bose
Kyushu Univ.: Yoshihiro OKADA, Chenguang ZA

WP4 aimed at development of teaching materials for IoT professional education and education practices. Applying recent IoT threat information which is obtained during collecting sensor dates as Linked Data makes it possible to quickly reflect learning materials. Herewith, it becomes possible to share IoT threat information or sensor dates with collaborating institutions. Adjusting developed educational tool formats to international standards, learner’s activity date for learning analytics shall be collected by the browsing education system. We develop teaching material as SPOC(Small Private Online Course)for higher education and do education practices at collaborating university. After that, we’ll develop educational tool as MOOC(Massive Open Online Course) and take the wraps off at Japan and and abroad.To examine minutely and attain improvement in learning To examine minutely and attain improvement in learning contents by learning analytics. We also develop visualizing tool of learning history data for learning analytics and an interactive teaching material that adopts game characteristics for elementary, secondary and high school education.

WP5: Specialist education

Research Group:
IITD: Ranjan Bose
Kyushu Univ.: Koji OKAMURA, Mohd Zafran B Abd Aziz

WP5 makes cyber exercise equipment owned by our cyber security center possible to practice and do exercises for the operationalization in this IoT space system. Also, we devoted to research and develop technology for adopting newly discovered threats as educational materials immediately.

WP6: Cloud Security for IoT

Research Group:
IITD: Sanjiv Prasad, Anupam Joshi
Kyushu Univ.: Kouichi SAKURAI, Yaokai FENG, Danilo Vasconcellos VARGAS , JIA WEI SU

Through data encryption, machine and deep learning, we aim at safety cloud for IoT space. Also,WP6 tries to analyze the threats of specialized malware for IoT and apply deep learning to a secure cloud environment. Especially measures for unknown pattern of attacks is the most important issue of cyber security and we tackle it defiantly.