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Organization Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Title Principal Fellow, Department of International Affairs, Japan Science & Technology Agency(JST)


    Guidance for JST SICORP "Collaboration Hubs for International Research Program (CHIRP)"

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture. He graduated from the University of Tokyo, 1969.
He completed his doctoral course in the Department of Geophysics at the University of Tokyo graduate school in 1974.
Associate Professor of Tokyo University of Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Science Department, 2004 Deputy Director, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
He is an emeritus professor for 11 years. Earthquake Research Promotion Headquarters Earthquake Investigation Committee Chairperson from 12 years. Specialty is solid geophysics.
In 1996 he served as a judging member of the Japan Meteorological Agency Earthquake Disaster Prevention Measures Enhancement Region.
The research leader (disaster prevention field) of the international science and technology cooperation program (SATREPS) responding to the global issue jointly implemented by the Japan Science and Technology Agency and the International Cooperation Organization (JICA) is also available.